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“When should I come back?” It’s a question I am frequently asked and LOVE to hear. The answer is… often as possible!
If you have an injury~-falling, a fender bender, etc. Your medical practitioner should you give you the go ahead for massage. Then at least two or three massage sessions pretty close together will make a good, positive dent in your discomfort.
Say you did too much skiing, or bike riding. Get thee to your massage therapist! All those strained tired muscles need some help! And go back on a regular basis to get maximum benefit. Every three-four weeks is the most common interval.
Are you always feeling tense? or tight? Get a massage! And then….as soon as you feel even a little bit stiff get another! You will soon see how long or short the time between massages should be.
Getting regular massage really is as necessary as getting your hair cut! Put it into your planner and stick to it. In my practice I offer a discount to clients who book five or more massages. There is no club to join, you always get to see me, no surprises. If you are not one of my clients ask your massage therapist~ “Do you have any package deals?” And get started on a good habit.

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