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It is clearly miserable outside. Mid-winter blues are setting in big time. What to do? Let me think about this for a minute…..

GET OUTSIDE!   I know, I know that’s crazy talk.  There is an exhilaration to facing a stormy day-even an incredibly awful day like today.  “Faith” -you say- “it’s not even snowing!”  Honestly,as someone who is owned by a Golden Retriever,I can tell you;bundle up-put on your sunglasses to protect your eyes and pretend that it is actually sunny, and go outside!  Even just a few minutes braving the elements will get you going.  Really~do you want to spend your life ducking in and out of cars and buildings?  Or is it more fun to say to your friends and co-workers~”What are you talking about? I was out marching about for 15 minutes! It was great!”

TURN ON THE T.V.!  whaaaaa?  On-demand t.v. has yoga for beginners, Bollywood dancing, 90’s style step classes. If you have a Wii or that other thing-try out some golf, or bowling (do you know there is actually an injury that I see that I call Wii Elbow from people doing too much Wii?) or BOXING! How about Just Dance? Do you have that in your DVD cabinet? Guitar Hero?  Any of those things shake off the blues,give it a try.

of course GET A MASSAGE!  Cold,miserable,stiff or in pain from overdoing my other suggestions? Call your massage therapist. Ask for a Swedish massage with aromatherapy~and you want the room warm.  Swedish Massage is all about relaxation BUT it still moves your muscles(a different form of exercise),increases your circulation,gets fluid moving through your joints.  And the aromatherapy? Pick something that’s a pick-me-up like a mint family or a mellowout like lavender or sandalwood. You will feel so much better.


I have already done one of these things on this lousy day,no chance for a massage but I will massage my feet and break out some aromatherapy after I work and then…..I think I will skip to the cookies and a good book. How about you

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