Do I have to get NAKED?!?!?!   2 comments

Had a new client this week. New to me. New to massage. Got me thinking about all of the questions about massage that I get asked,and the ones that don’t get asked.

“Do I have to get naked?” is probably the most frequent question that doesn’t get asked.  But it’s lurking there,alll the time!   NO! You do not have to get naked!  I will step out of the room.  Please undress to your level of comfort.  Most frequently a client takes off all clothing except their boxers/unders. You are covered by a sheet and a blanket.  I have yet to see a naked client NOR do I want to!  During the massage I only undrape the area that I am working.  So,no,you do not have to get naked.

“Can I talk to you during the massage or do I have to stay quiet?”  It’s your massage,talk if you like, or not.  If you speak to me,I will answer you,if you don’t speak to me,I won’t!  Some clients like to talk to me until they feel comfortable,some~like my sister Suzy~chatter away the whole massage!  I have a weekly client who does both-she will tell me when she arrives that she is going to be quiet,or that she is tired and will zone out,or “I have SO many things to tell you!”  Whatever you prefer.

“I didn’t shave my legs~I am so embarrassed!”  Doesn’t matter to me!  Don’t worry about shaving your legs or getting a pedicure etc. You should arrive for your massage showered and at ease.  Please don’t imbibe alcohol,smoke pot etc.before a massage. It’s just not smart. And if you have taken any pain medication~tell me!

“Does it have to hurt? My last massage hurt”  Absolutely not! Screaming silently in pain does not a good massage make.   A long time ago I had a very soft spoken client who was clearly quite rugged.  No matter how my elbow dug in~not a peep! Even when I asked him!  The only way I could tell I was hurting him?  His feet would come off of the table!!

and last but not least-probably the most ASKED question

“Do YOU get massage?”   Yes, I do!! And when I win the Mega-millions, I will get a massage every day!

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2 responses to “Do I have to get NAKED?!?!?!

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  1. I LOVE this post…love you!!!

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