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Snowy Sundays-so terrific for catching up, reflection, warming your feet by the fire after a good round of shoveling. Often-it’s when my cell phone rings!  Weekend warriors who might otherwise plow their car thru the snow and go to work-decide they will handle this snow themselves! And get every last flake off that driveway.  So the back is twisted,aching,a little twinge starting in that right elbow..etc. “Help Faith! Can’t hardly move”   Massage is a good answer and I love what I do enough to drag myself off the couch and respond.  Unless it’s still snowing and blowing about 40knots!

Anywho-some ideas-these have nothing to do with ‘Should you be shoveling at all?’  ‘Am I going to give myself a heart attack?’ If you are asking yourself that…don’t do it.

  1. Put the shovel down way before you are tired. And don’t try to do it all in one fell swoop. Bend ze knees! Wait–forget all that—Find a 12 year old and give them $10 to do it for you. Or $20,whatever.
  2. Icing the overworked muscles as soon as you can will help a lot.  The conventional wisdom used to be hot shower to reduce lactic acid buildup but there is a lot of disagreement  around now.
  3. If you are one of my clients-you might have some China Gel~slap that on! You can use it as much as you like but don’t forget to wash your hands;nothing like China gel in your eye.

Do some gentle stretches, get down with some gentle yoga. And yes, get a massage a.s.a.p.  There’s nothing like it for a back that’s just plain tired. Even it’s just from reaching for your wallet to pay the young flexible neighbor kid.

Thanks for checking in on my new blog.  Massage to soothe,healing touch,relaxing ideas. My favorite quote about massage is from something Maya Angelou said   “I’ve learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a  friendly pat on the back.”   

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